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This is for the following:

GIANT ROBOTS, piloted mecha, powersuits, pilots, cyborgs, androids, organic structures that work similar to mecha(e.g. EVAs), and Tokusatsu where relevant. Any characters from shows which feature mecha as a main plot point are also welcome, as they are guilty by association.

There is no strict rule on what is and isn't except for; absolutely no Mechazawa. He is not relevant at all, even if he does collect Gunpla.

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Mar 3 10 9:30 PM

/~*Weeaboo Heaven*~\

Discuss manga and microwave that are not really all that mecha related, when you think about it for a bit.

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May 29 08 6:14 PM

General Sci-Fi

Talk about general sci-fi here, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, etc.. Specific technologies, ship schematics etc. can go in either Mecha or here.

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Toys and Figures

Let's talk about things we take out of boxes and twiddle around with.

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Jun 11 08 2:19 PM

Vidya Games

i like the xbox

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General Chattin'





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General Discussion

In General, this is where General Discussion will generally go, though there will be some overlap with the other boards.

Some suggested topics are Birch trees, Nelson's Bodyguards, Cakemix and Irrigation.

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Mar 1 10 12:25 PM

The "Spork" Forum

delicious for all crapfest.

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Jun 7 08 6:08 PM

Rage Against the Machine

Complaints, suggestions, etc.

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Made a piece of music you want to share with the rest of the board? Want to chat about your favourite bands, or that epic final boss muTROMBE INTERRUPT

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